Wall-Mounted Swimsuit Dryer

Find all the technical information for our Wall mounted Swimsuit Dryer here!

Our wall mounted Swimsuit Dryers are available in 9 editions and have been designed to be installed on walls.



Wall-Mounted Features

Our Wall Mounted Swimsuit Dryers are designed to be installed on a wall, the wall will need to be able to support the weight of the 25kg/55lbs. We recommend these Swimsuit Dryer are plumbed into the external drainage or a water tank purchased.

Easy Installation

Wall installation - Locate a Wall capable of supporting the weight of 25kg/ 55lbs and ensure there is a socket or fused spur located within 2-3 meters of the Swimsuit Dryer.

Remove up to 95% of excess water

We recommend that wall mounted Swimsuit Dryer are either connected to your plumbing or a water tank is connected.

Quiet in Operation

On average, during a normal cycle the Swimsuit Dryer can be as quiet as 50dB.

2 Year Global Guarantee

All new Swimsuit Dryers are covered by a 2 Year Global guarantee and a minimum 5 year service life.

Maintenance Free

Designed and constructed to be maintenance free for your convenience.